A Stabbing Dream

stab the potatoes! stab the potatoes!

stab the potatoes! stab the potatoes! (Photo credit: carbonated)

Several days ago, a woman who cut business ties with me a while back sent a message asking if I had a certain product to sell. I replied with a short, “No”.

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That night, I had a dream that I was working a dirty, fast paced job which I hated. I wasn’t good at it either but kept trying to do it right. There were other people working along side me and we were all employees with the same company.

Suddenly, there was a creepy woman working there too with an eighties “heavy metal” look. Without warning, she got mad at me for no reason and stabbed me with a knife. She stabbed me in the left forearm though, I’m right handed. There was no blood but the wound wouldn’t heal instead it became dead useless tissue. Whenever I met someone I told them what that woman did to me and the pain flared up every time I talked about it.

Many times, I encountered this woman and she would either threaten me with the knife or pretend she didn’t see me. I always felt that I was in danger when she was around even when she ignored me. At one point, I sensed that she intended to kill me so I got away from her by putting myself inside a room or a big car, can’t remember which.

That was a safe place where I began growing my business, not the dirty job I hated. As I went about my business, my arm heeled and the pain was gone, however, when I saw her or talked to others about her the wound re-appeared and the pain returned. Dream over.

Later in the day, it came to me that this business woman and the creepy woman in the dream are the same. The work that I hated was doing business with her and her temper “stabbed me” like a knife. My left arm was wounded but my right arm was fine so I could still work because I’m right handed. The wound and the pain re-appeared only when I thought about it.

In reality, I attempted getting along and working with her but I couldn’t trust her. I knew the whole time that she used me to get business help (because no one else on planet Earth will work with her) but I’m as guilty of using her for my own financial gain.

Q: Why did I dream about this?

A: I think that it was partly a warning to stay away from her. By sending me a message she was attempting friendly reconnection, that’s part of her MO. However, due to her irrationality, she would end up doing a Jerry Springer act and “stabbing” me again. This dream also reminded me to forgive her and stop bringing up past hurts to others because whenever I do it bothers me all over again. Hence, the re-occurring wound and pain.

Analyzing this dream and writing it down has made me feel better. It’s just like therapy.


Dream (Photo credit: Krysthopher Woods)



Daniel 7:1 In the first year of King Belshazzar of Babylon, Daniel had a dream filled with visions while he was lying on his bed. Then he wrote down the dream in summary fashion.

No More Svengali

Whitney Houston 1963-2012... We will always lo...

Whitney Houston 1963-2012… We will always love you!!!! (Photo credit: his grace)

I’m soooo slow!  On June 10th, I posted the question “Did Whitney Houston subconsciously abuse her voice to get away from Clive Davis?” 

Strangely, this question came to me as soon as I woke up.  I had not listened to her music or read anything about her recently.  I remembered the interview with Diane Sawyer where Whitney alluded to Clive Davis as her Svengali.

A strong feeling stayed with me that day and I thought, “Maybe this Svengali notion was less about someone I’ve never met (Whitney or Clive) and more about someone in my life.”  However, no one came to mind.

NOW I KNOW!  It was obvious but I was oblivious.

For months, I’ve been in a joint venture with a woman who has her own established business.  Since my business is new and struggling I was doing some work for her as needed.  Although we got along together, she is a harsh judge and two-faced.  She was often riding an emotional roller coaster.  What I really mean to say is, she was a drama queen!  In a nano second, she could blow up and go from joking to Jerry Springer over little bitty unimportant things.

Unpredictable is a good way to describe her.  If I had something planned for the day she often called me with something to do for her.  Money was included but not enough to make it worth tolerating her.  I’m an easy-going person and when it comes to making money sometimes I put up with behaviors that I shouldn’t.

That very evening of June 10th, she called to sever our joint venture because I wasn’t available on Sunday morning when she needed me for something that came up.  At first, I felt stunned because she didn’t act like it was serious until that evening.  Every other time, I was available to help her but because of this one Sunday morning when I wasn’t she cut the rope.

Less than five minutes later, I felt so GOOD!  Like someone let me out of prison.  It was then, I realized how she was draining my energy with her drama roller coaster rides.  I didn’t make much money in business with her but I spent a great deal of my time doing things that she was too busy to do.  Was she a Svengali with sinister motives?  No, I think she was more of a blood sucking control freak!  Maybe that’s not a huge difference though.

Isn’t that fascinating?  God gave me a message in the morning that my situation was like someone elses situation.  It should have been obvious right then who needed to get out of my life.  The Svengali in my life cut me loose that evening but I didn’t figure it all out until almost two weeks later.  How pathetically slow of me!  I thank God that He freed me from a draining business relationship before anything bad happened.  Bye bye Svengali!