Where’s the Government?

Day 061/365 - Free Food!

Free Food! (Photo credit: Great Beyond)

Q: “Why won’t the government help us?  Our government is rich, they should provide for us.”A: 2 Kings 18:21 On Egypt? If you lean on Egypt, it will be like a reed (cane, walker, crutches) that splinters beneath your weight and pierces (stabs) your hand (causing harm). Pharaoh, the king of Egypt (the government, welfare, Medicare, public school system, FEMA), is completely unreliable! NLT.  (My own explanations.)


Q: Who will help us in the next emergency?


Psalms 9:9 Consequently  the Lord provides safety for the oppressed;he provides safety in times of trouble.  9:10 Your loyal followers trust in you,for you, Lord, do not abandon those who seek your help.

Tower of Babel Construction Site

Watch This!  ……………………………  Nimrod by sinterminator

This is a great little documentary that explains how the Tower of Babel is a symbol of people’s utopia.  We build it then God destroys it, we build it again and God destroys it again.  We construct it as a part of the Christian Church (religion) as well as in Government.  It will always FAIL.

Tower of Babel by Gustove Dore