Is God Ringing the Doorbell?

Doorbell button on brick with label

Doorbell button on brick with label (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three times my doorbell has rung at unusual times with no one there.  That does not sound unusual except that people around here don’t tend to come calling at these hours.

The first time, was on Monday or Tuesday I think, around 9 pm. I was online listing items for sale when the doorbell rang once. It took me about two minutes to get to the door but no one was there and no one was outside at all. I thought it was a neighbor who didn’t wait for me so I didn’t think much of it.

Second time, I was upstairs spending too much time on unimportant things. When the doorbell rang I looked out the window but saw no one. I thought, maybe it was a solicitor who left me a brochure. Once I got downstairs and opened the door, no one and nothing was there. Then I thought, maybe neighborhood kids were playing a prank but I learned later that they weren’t actually home.

Third time, was this Monday morning around 1 am. I fell asleep on the sofa with the TV on when 4 rings in quick succession woke me like an alarm. I felt scared and I didn’t move! A show was on TV where they were discussing neuro research about how addictions cause problems with reason and judgment. The researcher emphasized any type of addiction not only drugs but also porno, gambling, and caffeine addictions cause decreased blood flow to the brain. I don’t know why that got my attention. Perhaps, it’s a topic that I should write about.

My mind thought: Is someone watching me? Is someone trying to get in? Are evil spirits trying to get inside my home? Is the Lord telling me something?

I’m worried about loosing my home and I’m late on the mortgage payments. A woman down the street just lost her home. Another woman said many times that she wanted to sell her home but she would work on that later because she had all the time in the world. She died last month and never did anything she wanted to do.

Is God telling me, “WAKE UP!  You’re running out of time!”  Is the home He gave me in danger of foreclosure?

Revelation 3:20Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.” Jesus can use the doorbell if He wants.

333 Hits Today

At the time of this posting Ask God Anything has 333 hits.

Q: What does that mean if anything?

I went to  and typed in 333 to search under Bible and these 2 scriptures came up.

Nehemiah 4:1 When Sanballat heard that we were rebuilding the wall he exploded in anger, vilifying the Jews.

Daniel 4:3 How great are his signs! And how full of power are his wonders! His kingdom is an eternal kingdom and his rule goes on from generation to generation.

Sanballat, in Nehemiah, was an enemy of God and the Jews.

Daniel 4:3 uses the words of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon after God brought Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego out of the fiery furnace alive and unburned.

Sanballat was about to see the Jews rebuild the temple and was against God from beginning to end.

King Nebuchadnezzar witnessed a major miracle when the three Jewish men refused to bow down and worship him as god. He was an enemy in the beginning then a believer at the end of the story.

Sanballat hated the Jews and God while Nebuchadnezzar declared that the god of the Jews was God.

What does this mean?

Total of 333 hits by today’s date, 7/2/12? A Bible search with 333 results in 2 scriptures? About two different people? Both scriptures are Old Testament.  Daniel 4:3 How great are his signs Both scriptures have two four’s and only one three? Does adding 4+1=5; 4+3=8; 4+1+4+3=12; and the date 7+2+2012=2021; or 7+2+12=21 mean anything? Is God saying something in any of this? Is there a message?

As of now, all I can think of are the 3 bills that I don’t yet have the money to pay for the month of June; mortgage, credit card and vehicle registration.  It bothers me that I’m late on paying them but I’m asking for God’s help.

English: Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the...

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Furnace

What do you think this means?

Weddings and Money

Q:  Why do we spend big money on weddings?




















My friend’s daughter is engaged so they’re planning the wedding and everyone is STRESSED!  My friend doesn’t have much money to spend on the wedding but wants to give her a scaled down wedding package.  The basics; a wedding dress under $600, cake for around $200, small rehearsal dinner and so on.  Even the small package is too much for her.

There’s nothing wrong with a nice wedding.  It’s a special occasion and one of huge importance.  It’s this desire to have what we can’t afford that is a problem.  I see my friend who’s already stressed out from constant money problems and now there’s a wedding to pay for on top.  I just learned that there’s such a thing as wedding insurance!  I can’t help but think why do we have expensive weddings that put us in stress hell and financial jail?

My great great grandparents were poor immigrant farmers who came to this country after the Civil War.  They got married by a Justice of the Peace, wore what ever clothes they had, did not have a ring, no cake, no champagne, no rehearsal dinner, no honeymoon and….. they stayed married!

Although, they’re grand children got divorced.

Daily Bread Update #2

Luke 11:3,Give us each day our daily bread.”

This week has been amazing!  Each day, I’m asking the Lord to give me my daily bread and he has done so literally.  A friend brought me some bread this week.  I was expecting one loaf, instead it was an overdose of artesian breads from a bakery!

Currently, I’m having serious financial problems including growing credit card debt.  However, I’m trusting Jesus to help me each day.  God answered my prayer.

Daily Bread Update

Luke 11:3,Give us each day our daily bread.”

A credit card, the biggest beneficiary of the ...

I’ve been asking God each day to give me my daily bread.  Guess what!  He’s answered my prayers each day.  Seriously, I’m at a very bad place financially now and I have only me to blame.  I screwed up so much to get in this bad place now I’m trusting God to help me get out and leaving all the details to him.

Each day, God has given me what I need and it has not included a credit card. It does include some money, friends giving me food without my asking them.  Not only that but I’m not starving.  I used to think this scripture meant that God would give us just barely enough to live but now I know that is wrong.  He is giving me plenty of what I need and it hasn’t been junk either.

Right now, I don’t really know how I’m going to pay my bills.  I’m working on selling stuff that I have and writing but mostly I’m asking God to help me.  To top it off, I feel calm about my situation.  Once in a while I’ll feel a moment of anxiety and then it’s gone.  I’ll keep you informed of the outcome whether good or bad.

I Screwed Up

The Prayer of Jabez

Q:  I prayed the Jabez prayer for a long time and nothing really changed.  Did I do something wrong?

I read The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson years ago but somehow I screwed up the entire meaning of it.  The prayer has 4 parts:

That you would bless me indeed,

and enlarge my territory,

that Your hand would be with me,

and that you would keep me from evil

I completely missed 4 out of 4, that’s 100% INcorrect!  To top it off, I stopped saying the words of the prayer when I got too busy with work.  Some how, I thought it all had to do with m-o-n-e-y so every time I prayed these words I thought about financial blessings.  You would bless me with money indeed, enlarge my financial territory, Your hand would be with me and my money and that you would keep me from doing evil with my money.  Money was my only intent.

A:  Since I’m now running out of money I’m asking for God’s help and I’m getting answers.  I found the book amongst all my others, read it again and it was like reading a new book for the first time.  How did I twist it so that it was unrecognizable.  The prayer and the book don’t really have anything to do with money.  In fact, it’s about our relationship with God and other people.  The prayer and the book don’t mention money or finances.  Blessings of money can come with it but the core of the prayer is about much more valuable things.

The first part, “That you would bless me indeed,” includes all of the LORD’s blessings to us.  Mr. Jabez didn’t ask God how to bless him but left it entirely up to God.  Of course, God wants us to ask for what we want but I was so over focused on the financial aspect that I didn’t leave any room for real blessings to come in.

Second, “and enlarge my territory,” is asking the LORD to “enlarge your life so you can make a greater impact for Him” (p.30).  It’s not about us and it’s not about money for us!  It’s always about God and what He wants for us.  What He wants for us is bigger than anything that we want for ourselves.  I have made money over the years but I was miserable, hated my job and career, and found myself in more debt than money.

Third, “that Your hand would be with me,” is to ask Him to work miracles in our lives that can never be accomplished by human means.  For example, adding 3000 members to the body of Christ in one day as told in Acts 11:21.  Material needs came along with this miracle but material needs (money) were not the miracle.

Last, “and that you would keep me from evil” is asking God to keep us away from evil.  That’s very straight forward.  For example, keep me from hanging out with people who are evil and want evil for me.  This is another one of my big faults.  I tend to associate with those who are bad influences on me.

Although, I prayed the words in the past, I attached a faulty meaning to those words and by doing so I screwed myself!  We can’t pull one over on God.  He’s not deceived by words only and he knows are true intentions.  Now, I’ve started over and I’m praying the words in the truest meaning.  First, that the LORD would bless me in all the ways that He sees fit knowing that he wants me to make wise decisions with money.  Second, to enlarge my life for Him and make an impact for His good on the miserable mud ball.  Third, that His hand would work miracles for His kingdom.  Last, that the LORD will keep me from all forms of evil because I’m just as week as everybody else.  (You may also read, Holes In My Money Bag.)

Please let me know if there’s anything else that I’ve screwed up.

P.S.  I recommend, Avoid presumptions about God’s will” by Grantley Morris.

Holes In My Money Bag

Q:  “Lord, what am I doing wrong in business?  Why am I loosing money?”

I’m starting out in business on my own and I’ve had some limited success.  As soon as I start making money it stops and I end up broker.  I have asked God, “What am I doing wrong?”  Just recently, he has given me the answer.  I came across this scripture a few weeks ago online and heard it explained in more detail on TV on 4/22/2012.

A:  Haggai 1:4  Is it right for you to live in richly paneled houses while my temple is in ruins?”  1:5  “Here then is what the LORD who rules over all says:  ‘Think carefully about what you are doing.  1:6  You have planted much, but have harvested little.  You eat, but are never filled.  You drink, but are still thirsty.  You put on clothes, but are not warm.  Those who earn wages end up with holes in their money bags.’”  1:7 “Moreover, the LORD who rules over all says:  ‘Pay close attention to these things also.  1:8  Go up to he hill country and bring back timber to build the temple.  Then I will be pleased and honored, says the LORD.  1:9  ‘You expected a large harvest, but instead there was little, and when you brought it home it disappeared right away.  Why?’ asks the LORD who rules over all.  ‘Because my temple remains in ruins, thanks to each of you favoring his own house!  1:10  This is why the sky has held back its dew and the earth its produce.  1:11 Moreover, I have called for a drought that will affect the fields, the hill country, the grain, new wine, fresh olive oil, and everything they produce.

Here’s the insider information.  This is my first blog and I want it to be more than informative, I want it to be a guide to the one true living God.  It is my way of telling people, God wants us to talk to him, ask him questions and expect answers.  On several occasions, I told God and myself that I would work on this blog first thing and add to it on a regular basis but instead I watched TV, fell asleep, read other blogs, worked on the yard or cleaned up my house.  Worst of all, I worked on my business first and did little with this blog!

I did this too. 

 1:9  You expected a large harvest, but instead there was little, and when you brought it home it disappeared right away.  Why?’ asks the LORD who rules over all.  ‘Because my temple remains in ruins, thanks to each of you favoring his own house!

That’s me 100%.  I have favored my house while the thing that I devoted to GOD is in ruins.

Just as the scripture says, 1:6  “You have planted much, but have harvested little.”  I’ve made money but it disappeared.  When business picked up it suddenly stopped and I’m left confused and frustrated.  I did not do what I told God I would do and I put him last therefore, he has done the same to me.

Also, I did this, “Those who earn wages end up with holes in their money bags.” All of my money has fallen through the holes in my bag!  This is a serious problem.  I’ve not made enough to pay all of my bills so I’m living off of savings.  However, my savings is quickly dwindling away so to fill the gap I use my credit card and this only puts me in more debt.  This is not where I planned to be.

Q:  Now how can I turn this bad financial situation around?

A:  Do what he said to do.  1:7  “Moreover, the LORD who rules over all says:  ‘Pay close attention to these things also.  1:8  Go up to he hill country and bring back timber to build the temple.  Then I will be pleased and honored, says the LORD.”  Translation, go to where there is building material and bring that material back so that I can build the “temple” that I promised to God.

Q:  When should I do this?  I’ll have time after I get a business site, cards made and advertize. 

1:11 Moreover, I have called for a drought that will affect the fields, the hill country, the grain, new wine, fresh olive oil, and everything they produce.”  I feel a drought coming that will negatively affect all of the food that I eat, the hill country where the building material is, the carbohydrates that I need to do the work, wine i.e. good times, the cold pressed virgin olive oil that is healthy and everything else that I need to live!

A:  Do it NOW!

Haggai 1:13  Then Haggai, the LORD’s messenger, spoke the LORD’s word to the people:  “I am with you!” says the LORD.  1:14 So the LORD energized and encouraged” [the leaders] “and the whole remnant of the people.  They came and worked on the temple of their God, the LORD who rules over all.

So now, I’m adding to this blog and will add more on a regular basis.  I will let everyone know how my business does after this.  If you have anything to add or any questions please leave a post.


hole (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)