Governments Don’t Approve

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Under China’s totalitarian government, people can now join a Christian Church as long as that Church registers with the government. Many Western Christians are fooled into thinking that the Chinese are now free to believe whatever they want but not quite. They’re free to believe what they want as long as the government approves.

Called the “Three-Self Patriotic Movement” all Churches must register and be approved for service times, locations and who is allowed to preach. Any Church that’s not registered gets harassed by government agents and some members are arrested and imprisoned while denied human rights. Despite the persecution, millions of Chinese are believing in Jesus and facing the hate.

Rapture Take Me Away?

Q:  Rapture or false doctrine?                    

This is not the actual Rapture but a simulation.

I have long been suspicious of the “rapture” or escape of God’s people, which is a belief where true believers will leave this world before anything really bad happens.  It was in the early 1990’s when I first learned of such a belief.  In fact, it was a religious person who told me about it and let me read a book on it. I remember the book was written in the 1980’s and laced with anxiety.  One chapter ended in a terrifying climax.  It went something like, 1984 could very well be the last year we’re on this planet!  Sorry, I can’t quote it or remember the title or author but after reading that nearly a decade later it was hard for me to take “the Rapture doctrine” seriously. provides information that may be the answer.  On this site is an enlightening article from Corrie Ten Boom, which tells of what happened to the Chinese who believed in the doctrine of a rapture before the tribulation.