Recommended Sites (great questions)

Interactive Bible. This site has a considerable amount of archaeological information with evidence to prove Biblical facts such as; the Exodus route, the true place of the Red Sea crossing, the real Mt. Sinai and much, much more!

This site has lots on it and a quick Biblical Reference search with explanations and interpretations.

My favorite search engine (so far). It searches Google, Yahoo and Bing all at once. It is also better organized than Google. Why use one search engine when you can use three simultaneously?

Her name is Dr. La Donna Taylor and she’s no ho! She plays the violin, has her own ministry and people claim to have been healed after listening to her music.

By Dr. Jason D. Kovar, an expose of how Satanism has infiltrated Hollywood. It has specifics on some of those famous celebrities including delebrities (dead celebrities) and a very well priced store.

Information and links telling the truth about the Iraqi Dinar. Do an exhaustive research before deciding to invest.

Jefferson Scott asked a great question then did his research well and provides answers to the question on UFO’s.

This one has pictures and everything. Steve Quayle has researched many archaeological topics on Nephilim, giants and mythological stories around the world, which may be based on more facts than myths.

Watcher Website. A very interesting site based on more accurate interpretation of the ancient Hebrew and Greek to shed new light on mysteries; who exactly the Nephilim were, explains the meaning of the phrase “rocks of fire” and some information on those not-so-free Masons. It contains Alien and Mars info, lots of math for number lovers and YouTube videos that are so addicting.

Good site on the Shroud of Turin with numerous links to other sites both pro and con. It has an examination page where you can examine photos of the shroud close up. Many people ask many intriguing questions.

This site blinded me with science! Go to page 7 on the site and read how the scientists have determined that the image is of a man suspended upright in mid air.

Historical Jesus Quest. A Forensic Science CSI to Explain the Pictures of Jesus on the Shroud of Turin.

All the Wiki info on the film, The Ten Commandments, director, actors, set and costume designers.

Reference is a good site for getting information that one finds in a dictionary and thesaurus. It also has quotes and a translator. by Grantley Morris. Avoid presumptions about God’s will.

Celtic Wedding Traditions, an interesting site that focuses on the western style of weddings which comes largely from the Celts.

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