Daily Bread Update #2

Luke 11:3,Give us each day our daily bread.”

This week has been amazing!  Each day, I’m asking the Lord to give me my daily bread and he has done so literally.  A friend brought me some bread this week.  I was expecting one loaf, instead it was an overdose of artesian breads from a bakery!

Currently, I’m having serious financial problems including growing credit card debt.  However, I’m trusting Jesus to help me each day.  God answered my prayer.

Daily Bread Update

Luke 11:3,Give us each day our daily bread.”

A credit card, the biggest beneficiary of the ...

I’ve been asking God each day to give me my daily bread.  Guess what!  He’s answered my prayers each day.  Seriously, I’m at a very bad place financially now and I have only me to blame.  I screwed up so much to get in this bad place now I’m trusting God to help me get out and leaving all the details to him.

Each day, God has given me what I need and it has not included a credit card. It does include some money, friends giving me food without my asking them.  Not only that but I’m not starving.  I used to think this scripture meant that God would give us just barely enough to live but now I know that is wrong.  He is giving me plenty of what I need and it hasn’t been junk either.

Right now, I don’t really know how I’m going to pay my bills.  I’m working on selling stuff that I have and writing but mostly I’m asking God to help me.  To top it off, I feel calm about my situation.  Once in a while I’ll feel a moment of anxiety and then it’s gone.  I’ll keep you informed of the outcome whether good or bad.

College Debt = Bad Debt

Danger Will Robinson!

Picture compliments of TheRobotLab.com

Q:  Why do we think we have to go to college?

Throughout my life, I heard the message, “You can’t make it these day without a college degree.”  Later, the message morphed into, “You can’t make it these day without an advanced college degree.”  I believed what I heard and fell for it all hook, line and sinker.  Now, I’m caught in a fishy net of debt, stress and hating my career that I’m still paying for.  I’m not alone!

A: We think that we have to get college degrees because we all want more money and higher status.  Our society has done a great job of hitting us with the message that we must have a; college degree, big house, new car, vacation, cable TV, an advanced college degree, yata, yata, yata.

Proverbs 23:4-5 Do not wear yourself out to become rich; be wise enough to restrain yourself. 5 When you gaze upon riches, they are gone, for they surely make wings for themselves, and fly off into the sky like an eagle!

Of course, society doesn’t have to work very hard to turn us toward materialism.  Timothy 6:9 Those who long to be rich, however, stumble into temptation and a trap and many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.  We all long to be rich, affluent and upwardly mobile.

Q: If we don’t go to college what are we going to do, work at McDonald’s?

A: We all need job skills but the problem is college does us no good if we come out deeper in debt than ever before.  Proverbs 22:7 The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is a servant to the lender.  Truly, we end up in a worse situation because we are more of a poor servant than before.

Mark Cuban has been observing and asking great questions about what’s really going on in higher education in his blog, BlogMaverick.com.  He compares the college debt game with the housing bubble and how it is likely to affect our nation and economy in the, closer than we want to think, future.

As usual, Mark Cuban is on the money.  To sum up his post, the money for these expensive student loans comes from the US government as well as much of the money that colleges use to build bigger buildings then raise tuition.  All of this educational borrowing has the same consequences as those easy ARM home loans did and we end up broker.  I recommend reading his article and it’s not all doom and gloom as he does give us some light in a dark place.

Q: Hey, Mark Cuban got a college degree so why listen to him?

That’s a great question!  Cuban earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.  He worked as a bartender, dance instructor, and made money selling things to pay for college.  To top it off, he chose the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University because out of all the business schools on the top 10 list of that time, Kelley cost the least!  Now he’s so rich that he’s a shark on Shark Tank (Wikipedia on Mark Cuban).

A: Therefore, Cuban is qualified to give advice about money, college and business.  He’s not saying, don’t go to college instead, DON’T go into debt to go to college.  He also gives us alternatives to traditional college.

Proverbs 13:20  The one who associates with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.

Listen to the robot, “Danger, Will Robinson!  Danger in student loans!”

Daily Bread

Q: What is Jesus talking about when He says in Luke 11:3,Give us each day our daily bread”?

A: King Solomon, the wisest and richest man who ever lived, gave us the answer long before we asked the question.

Proverbs 30:8-9 Remove falsehood and lies far from me; do not give me poverty or riches, feed me with my allotted portion of bread, 9 lest I become satisfied and act deceptively and say, “Who is the Lord?” Or lest I become poor and steal and demean the name of my God.

When we get more than enough food we become satisfied and act deceptively. When we don’t have enough food for a day we become poor (in every meaning of the word) and we are likely to steal.

Psalms 49:6 “They trust in their wealth and boast in their great riches.”

Q: Why does Jesus expect such a thing from us?

A:  Both scenarios, too much food vs not enough food, have consequences. Those are deception and theft in addition to harming our relationship with God. When we live simply day-to-day and trust God we get focused on how much we need him. We learn to trust God and depend on him. The best part is, we gain a better relationship with Jesus.

I’m learning these things the hard and easy ways. When I thought only of money and worried about it I was less than honest in my work.  Mainly, doing what bosses wanted me to do knowing that they wanted me to do the wrong thing just to make money. When I finally said, “No, that’s not right.” the bosses found someone else who would do anything for money. That actually made me feel better because I hated every day despite all the money I made.

Next, I ran out of money and got desperate. I didn’t steal anything but I did turn to the evil credit card, which has gotten me deeper in debt. Now, that I’m at the end of my money rope, I’m asking God each day for what I need. Not barely enough to survive but exactly what and how much that He knows I need each day to live. I’m learning to trust God and God has been supplying all my needs!

Philippians 4:19 “And my God will supply your every need according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

I Screwed Up! Update #2


  • Yesterday, I got an unexpected opportunity to make money.
  • I was able to help someone who was in desperate need, this in turn helped others who relied on him.
  • I made exactly twice as much as the day before.
  • I had fun doing it – it didn’t feel like work.
  • I got a free meal out of it.
  • Made some new contacts.

I Screwed Up! Update

Since I’ve been praying the Jabez prayer with my new focus on God’s will rather than my money I’ve seen a difference.

See I Screwed Up!

Here are some improvements in my life:

  • I have felt happier rather than depressed as before.
  • I’ve gotten more items marked off my to do list.
  • God has given me more and better ideas for making money.
  • I’ve made a little more money and there are prospects for more in the near future.
  • Life hasn’t felt so difficult and stagnant.


Holes In My Money Bag Update #2

Money Bag in Blue

Money Bag in Blue (Photo credit: dolphinsdock)

Since I’ve decided to work on this blog each day before I work on my business I’ve felt better overall.  I’ve been eating less, sleeping better without sleeping more and feeling more positive about my finances.  I made a little money over the weekend in a nice surprise opportunity and I’m making more progress on starting my business.  Therefore, I will say that God does bless us when we put him first and do what he says.  I’ve still got more holes to sew up in my money bag.

See Holes In My Money Bag.


Holes In My Money Bag Update #1

English: Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Dove of the Ho...

English: Gian Lorenzo Bernini – Dove of the Holy Spirit (ca. 1660, stained glass, Throne of St. Peter, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I decided that I needed to put God first by adding to this blog.  I spent most of the day, all of the night (I’m a night owl) and this afternoon but none of it has felt like work.  The time has flown by, I’ve eaten very little yet I do not feel hungry or weak, in fact, I feel quite good!  I don’t want to stop not even to take breaks although, I have.  I never thought it would feel good!Isaiah 40:31 But those who wait for the Lord’s helpfind renewed strength; they rise up as if they had eagles’ wings, they run without growing weary, they walk without getting tired.

John 4:31-34 Meanwhile the disciples were urging him,“Rabbi, eat something.”32 But he said to them, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about.” 33 So the disciples began to sayto one another, “No one brought him anythingto eat, did they?”34 Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of the one who sent meand to completehis work.

Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God does not consist of food and drink, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

John 6:55-56For my flesh is truefood, and my blood is truedrink. 56 The one who eats my flesh and drinks my blood resides in me, and I in him.

I can tell you that it’s all TRUE!!!  When we do God’s work we do not starve or become tired!

Holes In My Money Bag

Q:  “Lord, what am I doing wrong in business?  Why am I loosing money?”

I’m starting out in business on my own and I’ve had some limited success.  As soon as I start making money it stops and I end up broker.  I have asked God, “What am I doing wrong?”  Just recently, he has given me the answer.  I came across this scripture a few weeks ago online and heard it explained in more detail on TV on 4/22/2012.

A:  Haggai 1:4  Is it right for you to live in richly paneled houses while my temple is in ruins?”  1:5  “Here then is what the LORD who rules over all says:  ‘Think carefully about what you are doing.  1:6  You have planted much, but have harvested little.  You eat, but are never filled.  You drink, but are still thirsty.  You put on clothes, but are not warm.  Those who earn wages end up with holes in their money bags.’”  1:7 “Moreover, the LORD who rules over all says:  ‘Pay close attention to these things also.  1:8  Go up to he hill country and bring back timber to build the temple.  Then I will be pleased and honored, says the LORD.  1:9  ‘You expected a large harvest, but instead there was little, and when you brought it home it disappeared right away.  Why?’ asks the LORD who rules over all.  ‘Because my temple remains in ruins, thanks to each of you favoring his own house!  1:10  This is why the sky has held back its dew and the earth its produce.  1:11 Moreover, I have called for a drought that will affect the fields, the hill country, the grain, new wine, fresh olive oil, and everything they produce.

Here’s the insider information.  This is my first blog and I want it to be more than informative, I want it to be a guide to the one true living God.  It is my way of telling people, God wants us to talk to him, ask him questions and expect answers.  On several occasions, I told God and myself that I would work on this blog first thing and add to it on a regular basis but instead I watched TV, fell asleep, read other blogs, worked on the yard or cleaned up my house.  Worst of all, I worked on my business first and did little with this blog!

I did this too. 

 1:9  You expected a large harvest, but instead there was little, and when you brought it home it disappeared right away.  Why?’ asks the LORD who rules over all.  ‘Because my temple remains in ruins, thanks to each of you favoring his own house!

That’s me 100%.  I have favored my house while the thing that I devoted to GOD is in ruins.

Just as the scripture says, 1:6  “You have planted much, but have harvested little.”  I’ve made money but it disappeared.  When business picked up it suddenly stopped and I’m left confused and frustrated.  I did not do what I told God I would do and I put him last therefore, he has done the same to me.

Also, I did this, “Those who earn wages end up with holes in their money bags.” All of my money has fallen through the holes in my bag!  This is a serious problem.  I’ve not made enough to pay all of my bills so I’m living off of savings.  However, my savings is quickly dwindling away so to fill the gap I use my credit card and this only puts me in more debt.  This is not where I planned to be.

Q:  Now how can I turn this bad financial situation around?

A:  Do what he said to do.  1:7  “Moreover, the LORD who rules over all says:  ‘Pay close attention to these things also.  1:8  Go up to he hill country and bring back timber to build the temple.  Then I will be pleased and honored, says the LORD.”  Translation, go to where there is building material and bring that material back so that I can build the “temple” that I promised to God.

Q:  When should I do this?  I’ll have time after I get a business site, cards made and advertize. 

1:11 Moreover, I have called for a drought that will affect the fields, the hill country, the grain, new wine, fresh olive oil, and everything they produce.”  I feel a drought coming that will negatively affect all of the food that I eat, the hill country where the building material is, the carbohydrates that I need to do the work, wine i.e. good times, the cold pressed virgin olive oil that is healthy and everything else that I need to live!

A:  Do it NOW!

Haggai 1:13  Then Haggai, the LORD’s messenger, spoke the LORD’s word to the people:  “I am with you!” says the LORD.  1:14 So the LORD energized and encouraged” [the leaders] “and the whole remnant of the people.  They came and worked on the temple of their God, the LORD who rules over all.

So now, I’m adding to this blog and will add more on a regular basis.  I will let everyone know how my business does after this.  If you have anything to add or any questions please leave a post.


hole (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)