Mystery Babylon Is A Mystery

Q: What is the Babylon in Revelation 14:8 that gets destroyed?

Many people have guessed (not interpreted) that this Babylon is in reality; New York city, America, Madonna, Washington DC, Brittany Spears, Europe, the Internet, London, Rome, Los Angeles, Hollywood  and even Babylon, Iraq.

Irvin Baxter, of End Time Ministries, actually interprets Bible prophecy and may have the true meaning.

A: There’s the literal Babylon in world history that was destroyed in 478 BC. The Bible predicts the destruction of ancient Babylon in Jeremiah 50:1-23 and adds that it will never be inhabited again. To this day, no one gets mail delivered to an address in Babylon, Iraq!

Baxter points out that the Babylon in Revelation 14:8 is called, “Mystery Babylon” and that means it’s a mystery!  There is an explanation of this mystery in chapter 17.

Read “Mystery Babylon-Who Is It?” Click here.

Mystery Babylon is;

  • “a city”

  • headquarters of an “international system”

  • “The City of Seven Hills”

  • “clothed in purple and red”

  • “a great city that rules over the kings of this world”
  • a whore

And much, much more…

Of coarse, Baxter is by far not the only one with this interpretation but he explains it in a way that even I understand.

Aerial View Of Vatican City

Aerial View Of Vatican City (Photo credit: plemeljr)

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