God And Technology

I’ve actually met a few people who think that God, the creator, is anti-technology and prefers that humans live… well… as the theme song to Gilligan’s Island says, ”without a single luxury”.  Ironically, all of these folks I’ve encountered drove cars, talked on cell phones and watched cable TV!

For people anywhere who believe that technological advancements are un-Godly I asked God in thought:  Did God intend for humans to live primitive life styles, ”as primitive as can be”, “without a single luxury” and modern technology?

A:  Electricity is part of creation.  God gave humans brains to solve problems, design machines and build buildings.  God created the natural laws of physics and those same laws make gears turn, water run through pipes, air molecules lift wings for flight, light waves transmit to receivers and chemicals react with one another.

Jesus was a carpenter who built things from wood using hand tools.  Since He didn’t use a circular saw and pad sander does that mean power tools are evil?  I say no based on the fact that he did use technology of 2000 years ago, although, nothing fun like electric drills.  I’ve not yet found anything in the Bible that bans technology.

We can all use technology for doing good or evil so is technology the problem or are we humans the problem?

Hey!  The professor used bicycle technology to power the battery in the radio.  So they were not, “as primitive as can be, as primitive as can be”.

Mary Anne Mug Shot

Mary Anne Mug Shot (Photo credit: andycarvin)

One comment on “God And Technology

  1. kolembo says:

    haha…brought a smile! Yep, out with the CD player you heathen!

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