Sid Roth has a TV show called, “It’s Supernatural!”  It’s different and I like different.  The other night, I saw this man on the show, Shane Warren.

I’ve never heard of him before but he gets these prophetic dreams and visitations from God.  He’s had many prophetic messages about America especially the trouble we’re in.

 Watch Shane Warren and Sid Roth… here!

What really stayed in my head was…    Buy Silver NOW!  As of today, spot price is around $27.

5 kg Silver bar

5 kg Silver bar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 comments on “Silver

  1. terry says:

    Should you buy into silver stocks or the silver bars which is best for this time coming upon upon us and what would you recomend and why I appreciate your answer

    • Thank you for asking a real question! I’ve been getting spam lately and I want real questions, comments and crass remarks. By no means am I a financial expert nor am I a prophet of God. I’m simply relaying information that got my attention. Personally, I’m suspicious of owning metal stocks, after all, the stocks are still pieces of paper. I prefer hard assets that we can put our hands on and buy and sell more easily. I’m looking into buying silver such as, US or Canadian coins. Always do your own research! God bless you!

      • terry says:

        Thanks for the info and would you say silver coins or silver bars which would be better thanks again for the quick response GOD Bless

        • From what I understand, bars of any metal are tracked by the government but coins are not if you pay cash for them. Coins are easier to sell than bars. Again, I’m not an expert and I urge you to do your own research before making financial decisions.

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