Whitney Houston’s Voice


Drugged Whitney?


Q:  Did Whitney Houston subconsciously abuse her voice to get away from Clive Davis?

First thing that popped into my head this morning was this thought.  I don’t know why!  I haven’t listened to her music or read anything about her lately.  Never-the-less, that question stays with me.

Many singers of all caliber abuse their voices.  The typical method is smoking, alcohol, screaming and over singing.  Whitney abused drugs, alcohol and had many other damaging behaviors.  Most singers who abuse their voices don’t know they’re abusing their money makers.  However, Whitney wasn’t the average singer.

Whitney Houston was an extraordinary vocalist from a famous singing family.  She must have know about vocal abuse and how to care for her voice.  As we know, she had some hard-core problems.  Watch the interview with  Diane Sawyer where she alludes to Clive Davis being her SVENGALI   (one who completely dominates another with sinister motives).  Consequently, their business connection ended when she did this interview.

Did Whitney subconsciously commit self sabotage to get away from Clive Davis and the entertainment industry?  He discovered her when she was young, easily influenced and she “did his bidding” for many of her growing up years.  From the same interview with Diane Sawyer, Whitney said, “I love to sing.”  “But it’s just not fun anymore.”  Why?  “Because of the money”.  Yet, was it more than money?

No one wants to be used or controlled by someone sinister.   The parasite, Clive Davis wouldn’t have given Whitney the lint in his pocket if she was not a talented singer and she knew it.  This brings the question, did Whitney subconsciously sabotage her own voice to get away from Clive’s dominance over her life? 

This is likely an unanserable question.  However, there is a stranger question for me.  Why did I have this thought upon first waking today?  Does it have more to do with my life?  Is there a Svengali in my life?  Whenever God gives me the answer I will tell you.  Also, I appreciate any ideas that you may have.

Answer is now posted on 6/25/12!

2 comments on “Whitney Houston’s Voice

  1. Jeff Edwards says:

    I just read what you said about Whitney Houston and Clive Davis and are you wrong! I worked with Whitney and she totally loved Clive. He was in no way a Svengali. He was her creative partner, found all the songs and they made history together. Didn’t you see his wonderful speech at the funeral? Didn’t you hear the family all say Whitney and all of them loved Clive. He was selfless for Whitney and so really deserves your gratitude if you loved Whitney.

    • Thank you Jeff,

      Thank you for giving me the first negative comment on this blog and I want more. I like to talk to people who disagree with me. It’s boring to hear everyone agree and praise me when I know that there are opposing view points out there. I want to talk to the opposition.

      First off, I enjoy Whitney’s music but I never knew her so I can’t say I loved her. In fact, after watching several Whitney interviews I don’t think the two of us would have been best buds but as an artist she was awsome!

      Second, I missed the funeral just like I’ve missed several funerals of people I’ve known. I’m not much of a funeral goer but I know that people always say the best things at the funeral, therefore, I take funeral speeches with a grain of salt.

      Third, Whitney said it about Clive Davis herself in the interview. I made a link to that part of the interview but it may not show up well. I’ll work on that.

      Forth, I’m asking a question. Did Whitney subconsiously abuse her voice to get out of the industry and or away from Clive? None of us can possibly know the answer but it’s strange to me that I woke up one morning with such a thought. WHY?

      Fith, does the question really apply to me? I don’t sing. It doesn’t have to do with singing or Whitney Houston. Dreams are telling us something. Is there a svengali in my life right now? Am I self sabataging to get away from a svengali? I know that you nor anyone else can answer that question I have to do some digging into my own self and ask God for the answer.

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