Q: Why do gay couples want to get married but many straight couples don’t?

Historical Information:

Good old Wikipedia provides some historical information on same-sex marriage. Going back into ancient times there are accounts of same-sex marriage in China, Rome and Spain. Although, same-sex marriages were generally accepted in these cultures “it did not involve a religious ceremony binding the couple”.  Binding referring to legal bounds, perhaps?

Ancient Roman Emperors, Nero and Elagabalus, married their male slaves, however, same-sex marriages were not viewed as legal with the exception of Roman Emperors. There were at least two types of marriage that were legal under Roman law; conubium and matrimonium.  Conubium allowed for only male and female Roman citizen union not same-sex or non-citizens. Then there was matrimonium something very distinctive. This “matrimonium is an institution involving a mother, mater. The idea implicit in the word is that a man takes a woman in marriage, in matrimonium ducere, so that he may have children by her.”

There were other types of marriage laws in ancient Rome and you can read about them at Wikipedia under Europe as well as other nations, cultures and religions.

Looking at the history of marriage is surprising, it has not been what we have always been told. Yet, what is common in historical marriage is the concept that marriage requires a high level of commitment and responsibility for all parties.

Nothing yet has answered my question… Why do gay couples want to get married but many straight couples don’t?

Do you know why?

Jewish Marriage Contract

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