April 3, 33 AD

Q: If Jesus was crucified on the date, 4. 3. 33 AD at 9:00 AM and died on the same date at 3:00 PM then do those numbers mean something?

Negative turned into a positive.

Number 3?

 A: Several numbers experts have concluded that Jesus was crucified on 4.  3. 33 AD (see Wikipedia under Lunar Eclipse).  It seems to me, if that is correct, those numbers are SCREAMING something to us.  Clearly the Bible, both old and new testaments, use numbers in a meaningful way, which can’t be ignored.  “In conveying God’s revelation they doubtless communicated matters in patterns that were familiar to them and to the surrounding ancient Near Eastern world” (Introduction to the Third Day Motif, Study By: Richard D. Patterson). Obviously, cultural aspects are involved, yet it transcends cultures.

Q: Concerning Jesus’ death and resurrection are many threes (4.3.33; death at 3 PM).  Do many threes have meaning?

A: According to Patterson, from his study, The Use Of Three In The Bible, it is significant.

use of the number three in a series, which conveys implications and expectations beyond the normal conventional meaning, so the third day often carries with it an additional sense or nuance. It seems apparent from the scriptural record that the third day was selected for a given activity or matter at hand for some distinct purpose and attendant emphasis, which those who were involved in the situation understood. Likewise those who later heard or read of the incident would be familiar with the various possible emphases in the choice.

Q:  Since we are those reading about “the incident” do all those threes jump out and tell us more?

A:  Patterson goes on to list examples such as, how our “spiritual healing is associated with” the number three.  Month number 3 is connected to a “significant action or event” that occurred. Three can also stand for “completeness or finality.”  His sacrifice on the cross was complete and He was resurrected from the dead finally and forever on day three.  Sometimes, three will indicate “new information that will generate further activity” (The Use Of Three In The Bible, Study By: Richard D. Patterson).

Resurrection certainly is new information and it has generated further activity from then till now.

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