Madonna? No, La Donna?

Q:  Who is La Donna?      

Dr. La Donna Taylor’s violin

  A:  Her name is Dr. La Donna Taylor and she’s no ho!

 I woke up from a nap on Resurrection Sunday, AKA Easter Sunday, and heard     this woman’s music on TV.  I like the violin and I found her music to be beautiful as well as powerful.

Since I was kind of groggy, I thought the man on TV called her Madonna and said  something like, “this music is your ministry for the Gospel”.  Then I thought, “Is this guy stupid?”  Everybody knows that Madonna is  the supreme ‘ho’ of the music industry and high priestess in the occult.  As I woke up I saw that it was not trashy Madonna acting superior above all but a regular person who plays the violin beautifully.

 So there ya go.  Satan has Madonna and Jesus has La Donna.  Go see her for yourself.

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